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Why see an animal chiropractor?

Believe it or not there are alternatives to medicine, injections, and surgery.  Here are the three most common reasons owners bring there pets to an animal chiropractor.


1 | Injury, Pain, Stiffness, Condition

Our four legged friends are highly active and full of life.  This combined with their present time consciousness tends to put them in situations where they don't realize the consequences.  Although our dogs and horses are built tough they can still get injured.  

Animal chiropractic assesses for injuries that can affect the health and wellbeing of the animal.  Through thorough examination Dr. Adam will determine if your animal's injury is suitable for chiropractic care.

Dr. Adam feels that the most important aspect of a good animal chiropractor is to identify if the problem is chiropractic problem or not.  If not you will be referred back to your animal's Veterinarian to get the proper care for the condition.  If you do not have a Veterinarian Dr. Adam works closely with Veterinarians in Newmarket and East Gwillimbury and won't hesitate to refer you to one if your animal needs one.


2 | Healthy Aging

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Unfortunately with shorter lifespans we typically see our dogs and horses feel the effects of aging a lot quicker than we would.  The shorter lifespan compounds the effects of aging and let's face it, we push our animals and sometimes if they are like Dr. Adam's dog they push themselves. 

These hard repetitive stresses are what cause our animals to slow down or go lame.  We are usually led to believe that this is a normal part of aging, this couldn't be more false.

Like regular tune up for your car to keep it running, regular chiropractic care can literally change your animal's life, by giving it back.

Our animals live to move and when they are not moving that should be a sign to you that their "check engine" light is bright orange and something needs to be fixed. 

Dr. Adam's goal for all his animal patients is to age well, the way they were meant to.


3 | Performance

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Whether you own a horse or a dog, if you want peak performance chiropractic care for your animal is a must.

Getting your animal checked by an animal chiropractor allows the nervous system to coordinate muscular movements, stability and strength with precision. 

For our performance animals we ask a lot of them and these animals must be tuned like a sports car.  Every single component must be working in order for them to compete at their peak levels.

Small injuries or even a slight tweak can turn your dog or horse lame and render them useless for their sport.

Dogs - Agility, Freestyle, Conformation, Dock Jumping, Flyball, Lure Coursing, Hunting Trials, Rally, Herding

Horses - Eventing, Racing, Dressage, Cross Country, Reining, Hunting, Show Jumping


Canine Appointments


You can schedule with Dr. Adam Markew by appointment only. The location for the appointments is in Mount Albert.

House calls are available for animals in the East Gwillimbury and Newmarket. 


First appointment includes thorough health history, physical examination and the dog’s first adjustment. The total cost of the appointment is $85. The initial visit is approximately 30 minutes. Please bring a flat collar, and a muzzle if your dog normally wears one during veterinary appointments.

Subsequent visits are $45.


Equine Appointments


Servicing barns in East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Aurora, Uxbridge, and Stouffville.

For booking inquires please contact Dr. Adam by clicking the button below.


First appointment includes thorough health history, physical examination and the horse’s first adjustment. The total cost of the appointment is $125. The initial visit is approximately 30 minutes.

Subsequent visits are $85.

Call Fees are additional to normal visit fees.



Veterinary Chiropractic or commonly referred to as Animal Chiropractic is a holistic non invasive, non medicinal approach caring for animals.  

An Animal Chiropractor will assess the movement of the joints in the spine and extremities as well as how it affects the function of the nervous system.

At On Point Animal Chiropractic we strive to do our best when working with your dog or horse.