Health - It Takes Discipline

You want something good but are you disciplined enough to achieve it?

Most good things in life don’t come easy.  We must be consistent and chip away at it little by little. The recognition or fulfillment comes after the work is put in. 

As a chiropractor I’ve met many people who want better health outcomes but only few of them are willing to put in the effort to get it.  

Whether it is being consistent with their chiropractic adjustments, at home exercise, kicking the sugar habit or laying off alcohol, staying on track takes discipline, and this is really evident for health.

You want to lose weight, you better have a regimented meal plan and fight off those food cravings.  You need discipline. 

You want to gain muscle, you better have regimented work out schedule and follow through on those days you don't feel like moving.  You need discipline.

You go to the chiropractor and you want to be pain free, let your nervous system start working so your body can start healing from the inside out so you can get off those medications your on.  Well you are going to make it to your appointments, even if the playoff game is on and the leafs are actually playing in it.  You need discipline.

The bottom line discipline seems to breed success.  If you want something you have to do something, and nine times out of ten it needs to be done consistently. 

If you are having trouble with the big things then start small.  

Ask yourself can you commit to getting up at the same time every day, making your bed each morning, shave etc. the list goes. on.  

Start small and build on it.  Build tolerance, and eventually challenge yourself with the big goals.