How Do You Adjust a Horse?

How do you adjust a horse?  This is a common question I get from people, especially from people foreign to the equine world.  

I get it though, it’s a big animal and it would be tough to visualize enough power to move a horse.

The thing is an animal chiropractor doesn’t adjust horses, an animal chiropractor adjusts joints.  

A horses vertebral (facet) joints that we target are not large, much smaller than my hand.

If the force is applied specifically to the joint than the amount of pressure needed is not that much.

Is it more than say the pressure a chiropractor would need when adjusting a human? Yes.  But with knowledge of equine anatomy and working with the horse rather than against it, the amount of force need is really not that much.

So if you ever wonder how does an equine chiropractor adjust a horse, they don’t! They adjust the joint :)