Monthly Challenge - Double Down on Weakness

If you told me I had the choice to run a half marathon or stretch for twenty minutes I would choose the half marathon every single time.  

Stretching to me has never been enjoyable and as a result I never did it, and over the years my flexibility became worse and worse.

It is way easier to play into our strengths than into our weaknesses. 

It doesn't matter what it is but we all do it. 

Hitting snooze instead of getting up.  
Grabbing a convenient treat instead of the more nutritious apple.
Only doing cardio instead of resistance training. 

It doesn't matter what it is because we all have weaknesses.

How you choose to act on those weaknesses is another story. 

The choice is yours.

This month pick one thing to work on daily.  Something that makes you uncomfortable.  Put in the work and improve yourself daily.   Good luck.