Is Chiropractic for Everyone?

The quick answer is no.  It’s not.

But can most people benefit from seeing a chiropractor?  Absolutely.

First off you have to understand what chiropractic is and what you as the patient want out of it.

The confusing part for the public is one chiropractor may practice completely different than the chiropractor down the road.   As the patient if you understand that the style of practice from chiropractor to chiropractor can vary, it’s up to you to know what your goal is before making an appointment.  This will help you have a better fit when you do make a choice.

On the other hand it is up to the chiropractor to explain exactly what they specialize in day to day so you know what type of treatment and techniques will be used.

My goal for patients is to improve their help condition with whatever complaint that brought them in the first place, through chiropractic care, education and empowerment.  Secondary to that is how can we can prevent that same complaint from getting worse and recurring in the future, by giving recommendations and tips to improve their health, with things like nutrition and exercise.

Not all my patient’s goals match my personal goals, which is completely fine.  My main objective is to be as transparent as possible and support the patient for whatever their health goal is.  Whether that is just getting out of pain or something that extends further like improving their health in all aspects of their life.  

I am very honest with what my limitations are.   So if your goal or your current condition would be better served by being referred to a physiotherapist, or massage therapist, or to your family doctor for further testing, I will let you know.  

At the end of the day, everyone can benefit from seeing a chiropractor, but I might not be the best chiropractor for you.