Chiropractic For Your Kids

As a Chiropractor, I love caring for babies and kids. Not only do they have a way of brightening the office with smiles and laughter, but there is something very rewarding about being a part of their healthy growth and development.

When people find out that I work with babies and kids, I often get that same look that may be on your face right now, a mix of confusion and curiosity.

Why in the world would an infant need to see a Chiropractor? When it comes down to it, the answer is simple, just like adults babies have a spine and nerve system too. Whether your spine is big or small, there is possibility for misalignment and nerve dysfunction. This is important because the nerves in your body are the information highway for your brain to communicate with the rest of your body—and your brain controls every single function of your body. When there is dysfunction of your spine or nerve system, this can result in symptoms that you may be aware of, like pain or muscle spasms, but often times affects your body in ways that you have no idea about. 

When it comes to babies, this may include overt symptoms like torticollis (head tilt) or scooting, but can also include constipation, gas, colic, reflux, breast feeding difficulty and generalized irritability. As a Chiropractor, I am not concerned with the specific symptom; my focus is on checking for and correcting spinal misalignments and nerve dysfunction to help your baby function optimally, naturally. When your baby functions as he or she was designed, symptoms often resolve as a result, and you have a happy, healthy, thriving baby.

Why does this occur? As mentioned, any form of stress to the spine can lead to spine and nerve dysfunction.  What many do not realize is that the delivery process is the first major stress to your baby’s spine and nerve system. Varying degrees of force are applied to a baby’s head and neck during both vaginal and caesarean deliveries and additional intervention use such as suction or forceps. 

As babies continue to develop, there are key milestones that you should have your baby’s spine checked. These include: on holding up his or her head, when able to sit alone, when starting to crawl, when standing alone, and on taking his or her first steps. The process of mastering these developmental skills often lead to falls, bumps, and bruises, which has a direct impact on their spine and overall health.  

Regardless of the specifics of your pregnancy, the developmental stage of your baby, and whether or not your baby has any of the above symptoms, I recommend having your baby checked by a Chiropractor to ensure proper spinal health and function. Your baby deserves an awesome start to life!

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