Symptoms - the tip of the iceberg

Thank goodness for symptoms!

If you didn’t have symptoms you wouldn’t know if you were sick or injured.

Symptoms are like essentially your body’s fire alarm, they go off when something is wrong.

If the fire alarm goes off in your home it is because it detects smoke, alerting you to take action.

Symptoms such as headaches, low back pain and shoulder tightness are your body’s alarm signal when it detects change, like injured tissue, inflammation and more.

If you listen to the symptoms usually you can put the fire out pretty quickly.

All too often however, you don’t get to the root cause of your symptoms, and we take minor actions to suppress the symptoms so you can make it through your day easier.

This is the equivalent of the fire alarm going off in your house and to solve the problem you take the batteries out so the alarm stops.


You would never do this to your home without looking for the cause of the smoke, yet people do it to themselves all the time.

Next time you have new symptoms, dig a bit deeper to find out what the root of the problem is rather than “removing the batteries” just to feel better.