Ice Vs. Heat

As a chiropractor I am still surprised with the amount of patients that are unsure if they should use ice or heat on an injury or condition. It is important to understand the difference between using ice and heat and how long to use them and finally what type of common chiropractic conditions and complaints they are best used for.  This eBook is a generalized guide that will help you understand when you should be using ice or heat, so you don't prolong your recovery.  This is great for people experiencing things like low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, a new injury or a flare up of a chronic problem.


Backpack Guide For Parents

I get a lot of questions from parents about their child's backpack size and weight. As a chiropractor I am concerned about your child's spine and whether or not there is too much physical strain placed upon it from their backpack. This eBook is a concise guide that will help you evaluate your child's backpack so you can ensure it is not causing any harm to them. 


Baby Gut Health Guide for New Parents

I love seeing parents bringing their children to the chiropractor to get their spine and nervous system checked. I especially love seeing infants have a healthy start to their life.  It's all too often that they are given a pharmaceutical intervention like an antibiotic (obviously this is sometimes absolutely needed) as the first line of defence without trying any other measures.  This can sometimes lead to the baby having a digestive discomfort like, excess gas and constipation.  These are common concerns I have from moms about their baby all the time. This eBook is perfect to address this issues and give some things you can try from the comfort of your own home. 


Assessing Your Family's Posture

As a chiropractor I always say that your posture is the window into your health.  If your posture is visibly out of alignment then structurally we know that there is something going on.  If the spinal alignment is structurally out of position this can have a big impact on your nervous system. The structure dictates the function. This posture checklist is a great tool for you to use with your family to find any deficiencies that may need to be addressed.