Bad Posture

Foam Rolling for Better Posture

Here are two great exercises you can be using on the foam rolling that can help to improve posture.  Gravity is always working against us and with everything in front of us (computer, phone, steering wheel etc.) we tend to round forward. These exercises will help keep you vertical in a world that is literally trying to drag us down. 


Low Back Pain

3 Simple Low Back Exercises 

As a chiropractor the number one complaint I see in new patients is low back pain.  This set of three videos is a great step by step tutorial to help you improve your low back pain by doing these easy exercises. Please follow instructions and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 


3 Non Surgical Tips To Reduce Low Back Pain and Stiffness From Sitting

My colleague Dr. Jon Saunders and myself explain three tips to reduce the low back pain and low back stiffness caused from excessive hours of sitting. Whether it is being at a desk all day, spending hours driving each day or just relaxing at home in your favourite chair, sitting causes not only a big impact to your health but to the health of your low back as well.  - Sitting is the new smoking, and here's how to combat it!


3 Easy Daily Stretches For Low Back Pain

If you feel you are not moving enough through the day you are not alone.  A lot of people experience the effects of inactivity and it can lead to back pain, stiffness and spinal arthritis.  This video gives 3 easy stretches that can be done daily to reduce the discomfort in your low back.


Chronic Low Back Pain Relief Exercises

This in depth video goes through why you might be experiencing low back pain and what you can do about it. 


What is Sciatica?


15 Minute Interval Workout - Legs & Core


Tabata Workout For Beginners


How To Squat Press For Beginners - A great full body exercise




Peach Green Smoothie Recipe


Beet Smoothie Recipe


DIY All Purpose All Natural House Cleaner


Fall Raking Tips

Every year chiropractors see many people who injure, tweak, or re-aggravate something in their back or neck from raking leaves in the fall. If you have experienced pain from raking in the past or are currently experiencing pain, this short video may provide you with the tips you need.


Stand Up Desk Recommendation 

I did this review a few years ago for Get Out There Magazine.  The Varidesk is great for existing desk spaces and super durable as well.