The following are quality products that my family and I use regularly and I recommend to patients.



Vitamin D3 - If you are in Canada we lack the sunshine vitamin throughout the winter.  This is an essential vitamin needed for calcium absorption, and helps to preserve bone mineral density. It also can help with immune function. 


Vitamin D3 with K2 - Vitamin K2 is normally found in leafy greens, broccoli and brussel sprouts.  Some of us can be deficient in these and its a great idea to supplement it.  K2 is important in helping calcium arrive at the correct destinations in your body, that's why pairing it with Vit. D is such a good combination


Fish Oil (Omega 3) - We are inundated with Omega 6's which offsets the balance of Omega 3:6.  This creates an inflammatory state within our body, that can lead to cardiovascular risks to joint pain. Bonfire fish oil is high quality and the best part it actually tastes good compared to other fish oils.  Use this BFH242 affiliate code at checkout and save $3.

Probiotic - Dysbiosis is unbalanced gut microflora (bacteria).  Essentially there is more bad bacteria than good.  Regaining normal balance is important for not only gut health but immune system health as well.  This probiotic is plant based with high yields. 


Probiotics for infants & children - Same rules apply as above.  If your child was born c-section or has been on antibiotics it would be a good idea them on this supplement to build their gut and immune system.  

Chlorella - This nutrient packed algae is probably as close to a super food as you can get.  Loaded with chlorophyll with resembles our hemoglobin, this super green is packs one heck of a punch when it comes to cancer protecting antioxidants. 


Spirulina - Another algae that is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Spirulina is amazing how it holds way more nutrient density than any terrestrial super food.  The powder is great to add to your smoothies!


Curcumin/Tumeric - This natural anti-inflammatory is amazing for joint pain and stiffness. If you suffer from arthritis and or feel stiff when you first wake up, this supplement is something you should be taking daily. 


Collagen - Amazing for skin and joints, collagen is very important for the health and integrity of connective tissue.  I love this hydrolyzed form because it is tasteless and blends into any drink or smoothie you create..


Maca Root - This super root is found in high altitudes in Peru, and is related to cruciferous vegetables.  It is great to give adrenal support and also been used to increase fertility and sex drive.