Sprout Into Better Health!

Sprout Into Better Health!

If I told you that you could grow your own superfood right in your kitchen and it took very little effort, would you do it?

The good news is you can.

Sprouting is easy, it’s low cost and can be completely organic.  Not to mention it would be a great mini science experiment for your kids to be involved with.

When you sprout your are accessing nutrients that are otherwise hard to get.

It's Not "Old Age"

Have you ever met someone who looks young for their age?

What if that vibrant 65 year old is what 65 is suppose to look like? 

I operated a practice in Wasaga Beach (a retirement town), and it’s no secret that the demographics in Newmarket and Aurora are slightly younger.

“It’s old age” (referring to their complaint), said 80% of people over age 50 who came into the our office on the first visit. 

Is it really old age? 

Fact - There are people the same age that don’t have the same problems.  

If old age was the cause, wouldn’t every one your age have the same conditions?  

Obviously conditions can be associated with age, but let’s be clear, they are not caused by age. 

Most conditions are multifactorial, with lifestyle playing a huge role. There is another major thing that most of us do, and that's delay. 

When the alarm bells are ringing (pain, stiffness, sore, achey, etc.) we tend to put the ear plugs in and disregard what our body is trying to tell us.

I mean we are all guilty of the “it will get better on it’s own”  or “it’s not that big of a deal” mentality now and again.  

As a chiropractor I have had the opportunity to get to know many great people of all walks of life. Some treat their body like a temple and it shows.  They may be in their 70’s and doing things that most people in their 40’s couldn’t fathom. 

Others treat their body less than optimally, reaching for the the bottle of over the counter meds at the first onslaught of pain or stiffness.  Short term this isn’t going to be an issue, but since our health is cumulative, our body will eventually have to repay it’s debt.  Most of the time these people are on 10+ prescriptions, and the multiple visits to the family physician and pharmacy are the only excitement they will see all week. 

With this being said there is one thing that still blows my mind, and that is how resilient the human body can be. 

People that are on walkers able to walk again, people that can’t turn their neck are able to drive again, people that thought their life was over, getting their life back again.  Truly these are what are called chiropractic miracles.  

Too often a visit to the chiropractor is a patient's "last hope" because they have "tried everything".  A lot of times it's too late to help correct the problem.  Rather than choosing chiropractic because you are out of options and your back is against a wall, start thinking of seeing a chiropractor as an option at the start rather than at the end.

The thing is age is just a number. If you fall burden to your age, you will fail to take action and your health will suffer.  Where you are now does not have to be where you are going. This resilience is what makes the human body so amazing.

No matter your starting point you can always better your future.  A few simple changes could possibly change the trajectory that you are on. 

Supercharge Your Smoothie

Let’s face it, getting quality whole food nutrition all the time consuming. 

A good quality blender can be a time saver and in the long run a potential life saver if you are using it to make green drinks (not margaritas). 

Here are a few additives that I like to add into my smoothies that don’t destroy the taste but help to supercharge it even more. 

Collagen - Great for skin and joints collagen consists of the building blocks of your body.  You can gnaw on a beef bone with tendon and ligaments attached or use the hydrolyzed version that does not affect the flavour what so ever. 

Tumeric - Waking up with a headache, feeling tired and foggy or a lot of chronic joint pain throughout your body you should consider this.  This is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help lower your risk of some major lifestyle conditions. Look for one with black pepper for better absorption. 

Greens supplement - The more the merrier. I tend have the habit of putting it in there even if I’m using a ton spinach or kale. 

turmeric,  greens supplement,  hydrolyzed collagen

turmeric,  greens supplement,  hydrolyzed collagen


Here’s one of my favourites that I make variations of regularly. 

Handful of spinach

Handful of kale

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

1/2 orange

4-5 strawberries


1 scoop of tumeric

1 scoop of greens powder

1.5 tbsp of hydrolyzed collagen.